MINNEAPOLIS -- Now that the Vikings are finalizing their coaching roster, fans are starting to turn their attention to the teams on-the-field needs.

Andy Crump of Dome Souvenirs Plus says his business ebbs and flows with the Vikings win-loss record. He does not have fond memories of last season. "It was horrible from day one. For the Christmas season, it was like there was no hope, no championship or playoff consideration, nothing," he said, noting his sagging sales.

So let's look ahead to the next season. "If they make the right moves at the right times they could be pretty close to getting back to the playoffs," ESPN's Kevin Seifert told KARE 11. Seifert says the cupboard's not bare, but new coach Mike Zimmer will have needs too.

We went down the position roster with Seifert and asked him what spots the Vikings need to address.

Quarterback? Yes

Wide Receiver? Maybe

Running Back? No!

Tight End? Maybe

Offensive Line? I don't think so

Defensive Line? Sure

Corner Back? Definitely

Linebacker? Maybe

The ESPN writer said the team may also need to look at a safety, but said the Vikings are set in the kick returner, punt returner, kicker, and punter departments. So the Vikings will need to be active this summer. I would expect him (Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman) to at least be dipping his toes into free agency for some positions and then (fill some positions through) the draft as well," Seifert explained.

Andy Crump hopes the team can relive some of those Randy Moss/Daunte Culpepper moments when jerseys were selling like hotcakes. "We wouldn't even have time to put it up on the walls, we would just sell them right out of the boxes," he recalled.

So the business owner hopes the upcoming season doesn't look anything like the 2013 season. "In Minnesota it's a bunch of fickle fans. It makes a huge difference whether they're winning or losing," Crump concluded.