MINNEAPOLIS----As Kyle Kisch sits in traffic, he reminds himself of one thing.

“You’ve got to be patient,” Kisch said.

Good advice for any time, but especially when the roads are full of roadblocks. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) says there are construction projects in every corner of the state.

“There are work zones everywhere,” said MnDOT Communications Manager Mary McFarland Brooks. “(Drivers) are going to run into roadwork probably anywhere they go—north south east and west.”

But it's north that that this weekend is the worry. Thousands of Minnesotans are going to the lake for the Memorial Day holiday, joining the more than 39 million Americans AAA says are traveling Friday. That's a million more than last year and the most in a decade, clogging roads and freeways and prompting lots of reminders about safety.

“Obey all the speed limits, put your phone away, do not drive distracted and be patient,” said McFarland Brooks.

Kisch says he does all those things, and tries to make the slowdowns and stops just another part of the adventure.

“Enjoy the ride,” he said.

Trip Advisor says about a third of Americans are heading out of town for the holiday weekend, with about 60% of them driving. Those in Minnesota can get the latest travel information through MnDOT's 511 app or at 511 mn.org