GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Tonight could bring the first frost for many and the first freeze for a lot of people, too.

77 of the 87 counties in Minnesota are under either a frost advisory or freeze warning.

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"If you're within the 494/694 loop, most places will stay probably above freezing tonight because this is a borderline night. But outside of that, like where I'm from Cottage Grove, Maple Grove, those places will probably be frosty in the morning," said KARE 11 meteorologist Sven Sundgaard.

Because of the cooler temperatures, people should protect their cold-sensitive outdoor plants.

"Most of our plants that are still out there can probably take a real light frost. Your annuals, your tropicals, those are the ones you want to really protect if it's going to be a good, long frost," said John Henning with Dundee Nursery in Plymouth. "You can cover them with sheets tonight... you just want to keep that frost off of them. If you have planters, I would suggest if your area is a strong frost, bring them inside. Bring them into your garage. That should be enough."

The average first freeze for the Twin Cities is October 11. However, St. Cloud is about two weeks late. Last year, we set the record for the latest frost at MSP Airport when it didn't come until November 18.

"Climate change.. one of the things we're really noticing in Minnesota temperatures is the overnight lows. Daytime highs are getting warmer too but really in the overnights, in the winter too, we're noticing many fewer sub-zero nights than what we're used to when you look at the historical record," Sundgaard said.

Despite the potential for a first frost, Thursday we're forecast to be back up to 70 degrees.

Sundgaard said, "Fall, just like spring, is a rollercoaster."