GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The unprecedented Autumn heat wave has ended, but not before making a dent in the weather history books.

A major cool front is bringing back typical temperatures and rain showers, but boy was it steamy this weekend. We topped out at 94 degrees Friday and 90 on both Saturday and Sunday. That streak has never before been recorded during Autumn in the Twin Cities. Ever. There have never even been back-to-back, consecutive 90 degree Fall days until this year. Not only did we have two, but we had 3, and for this month of September we had a whopping four days in the 90s. August didn’t hit 90 once!

Our seasonal total is now up to 14 days in the 90s, which is 3 above the average of 11. Saturday broke the single-day historical record, beating the old high temp of 89. On average, we see our last 90 degree day in late August. The latest recorded 90 was October 10, 1928.

Looking back, August was a cool, wet month, averaging 2 degrees below normal and with nearly 7” of rain. This month of September so far is averaging warmer than August was (very unusual to have September be warmer than August). These last days of the month project to be average or even below average temperature-wise, but we will still end up with a warm September that averaged about 5 degrees warmer than normal.