GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - "As soon as we warm up that water will be ready to go," says National Weather Service Hydrologist Craig Schmidt.

Temperatures are working in our favor right now.

"So a nice orderly melt would be temperatures getting into the low 40's and getting back down to at least freezing or below freezing at night so we kind of slow things down that way too," Schmidt continues.

There's one big difference between areas that are forecast for minor flooding and those forecast for moderate to major flooding, and that is the snow pack.

He explains, "The upper regions of the basins for the St. Croix, and the Chippewa and the Eau Claire have the greatest amount of snow depth and snow water equivalent, so they are the most likely to flood."

Stillwater in particular has an increased risk for moderate to major flooding.

If you live there, Schmidt advises, "I'd be ready, I'd be paying attention. And if you see a period of 3, 4, 5 days at 50 degrees or something like that, I would definitely be ready to do something."

Fargo residents might want to be ready as well with a 30 percent chance of major flooding.

That's "probably the highest risk in that region, but at this point it doesn't look catastrophic unless we were to get some kind of major rainstorm," says Schmidt.

As of now there are no big rain events on the horizon.