FAIRBURN, SD - A veteran storm chaser is back on the job less than a day after his camera apparently captured him getting struck by lightning in South Dakota.

Scott Sheppard spoke to KARE 11 by phone Wednesday as he and his associate were headed towards Montana to pursue more storm footage. He says he was chasing a storm Tuesday just outside of Fairburn, South Dakota when he pulled over on State Highway 79 and stuck his arm outside the car window to get a better shot of cloud formations.

His camera was rolling when a lightning bolt came out of the sky and struck Sheppard and his vehicle. The electric charge then made its way to the ground, leaving burn marks on the pavement. The car was disabled and his arm is a bit sore, but Sheppard knows how lucky he is.

Sherppard is a native of New Jersey who has been chasing storms for 10 years. He wants people to know he is trained to chase storms and recommends the average person not put themselves in harms way