MINNEAPOLIS - It’s been a mild winter when it comes to snow and temperatures.

“We tapped the sugar trees here at the arboretum on February 8th which is by far the earliest we ever tapped sugar maples to make maple syrup.”

Pete Moe the executive director at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum says they already produced more than 70 gallons of maple syrup.

So are we behind or ahead of that spring bloom schedule?

“Ideally, we'd like it to progress like a normal spring, but we might be a few weeks early this year,” explains Moe.

Being many of us are snow free, does this mean you can begin cleaning out our gardens now?

“If you’re careful, yes. Normally, we recommend cleaning up gardens in April. If the snow is gone and it isn’t too wet. You also don’t want to walk on wet soil, especially if you have clay in your soil.”

But remember, we are still only in March.

“The most vulnerable time for any plant in the spring – tulips, apples, cherries, everything – is when they are in full bloom,” says Moe.