LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. - Investigators will be on the ground in southern Minnesota, trying to confirm a second reported tornado that was spotted by a deputy near Lake Crystal late Sunday.

Blue Earth County deputy Scott Wolfe tells KARE 11 that he saw the tornado ripping across a corn field shortly after 10:30 p.m. He says the twister was illuminated by a flash of lightning, and that winds were blowing so hard he couldn't shut the door to his squad car. Daylight revealed serious damage to the corn field where Wolfe says spotted the tornado, but it appears no structures were impacted and no one injured.

On Monday morning the National Weather Service confirmed one tornado touchdown, and was attempting to determine if there was a second. Agency personnel will be in the area to survey the damage.

The tornado was spawned by a powerful storm system that roared across southern Minnesota Sunday evening. In Nicollet County there were reports of snapped trees, downed power lines and a roof being ripped off a barn by high winds. Some areas of the county report more than five inches of rain.

In Farmington a house fire is being blamed on a lightning strike. Authorities there say three people were injured in the incident, one of them a firefighter.