LAKE MINNETONKA, Minn. - After several episodes of spectacularly warm weather in recent days, the return of winter-like temps has been the equivalent of a sock in the jaw to some Minnesotans.

Not Stacia Bank. The Twin Cities resident and pro wakesurfer decided Thursday that it was time to get in the water... even though that water was on Lake Minnetonka's Lafayette Bay, still mostly filled with ice. Bank's crew put the boat in the water, she slipped into her wet suit, and made a quick lunchtime surf run.

The scenes captured by GoPro look cold on their own... but her occasional shrieks when getting splashed by the icy spray is enough to make a person reach for their down parka.

Deciding to do the early March lake run was a lark, but also required effort. The boat had to be re-winterized, with overnight temps in the low single digits predicted for both Friday and Saturday mornings... cold enough to crack an engine block and cooling system filled with water.