GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Although there's no concrete definition, a January thaw generally consists of two or more January days at or above freezing.

High temperatures Monday fell in that category for about half the state, although most of us peaked near midnight. The high for the Twin Cities was 34 degrees.

For the Twin Cities, Monday marked the third consecutive day at or above 32, which more than fulfills that loose definition of a January thaw.

Percentage wise, we almost always have a January thaw here in the Twin Cities - 9 out of every 10 years. But for the northern half of the state, it is more like every other year. Here is a list of the frequency of January thaws since 1948:

  • Rochester: 95%
  • Fairmont: 93%
  • Pipestone: 92%
  • Twin Cities: 92%
  • St. Cloud: 87%
  • Morris: 80%
  • Crookston: 62%
  • Duluth: 60%
  • International Falls: 50%