GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Via Twitter, @CarrieJ_47 asks "@LauraBetker Will there be more of this $&!# in February? #pleasesayno What do the long range forecasts look like?"

You're not going to like the answer. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting below average temperatures for the month of February. And in fact March looks like it could be on the cool side too.

Next from Facebook, David Loomis asks, "How much more danger is there when it's -15 than when its -5 or 0? Or is it the wind chill that is the real danger?"

Well lets say we have a 20mph wind like Wednesday night. At 0 degrees the wind chill is -22 and frost bite occurs in about 30 minutes. At an air temperature of -15 degrees, the wind chill is 42 below and frostbite can occur in as little as 10 minutes.

Nicolette Bates de Urena emailed us to ask, "Is it just me or have we had a GAZILLION days with wind chill warnings?! I don't remember so many in the past. What's up?"

It's not just you, Nicolette. This season we've had 19 wind chill advisories and 8 wind chill warnings. Although definitions and parameters have changed, that's over double the amount we have seen in recent years.