What can you buy at the State Fair for $10 or less?

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. - If you don't watch yourself, the Great Minnesota Get-Together can become the Great Minnesota Spend-Together. 

With an entrance fee, tons of delicious (but somewhat pricey) food and trinkets galore, there's plenty of opportunities to spend a buck at the State Fair. But don't fret bargain hunters, there are great deals to be had, as well. 

Here are just a few fun things we found while scouring the Fairgrounds -- that are all $10 or less:

Hotdish kitchen towel ($6)

This towel pretty much puts that whole "casserole" vs. "hot dish" debate to rest. A true Minnesota pride necessity. Find it at the I Like You stand at West End Market.

Passive aggressive coin purse ($10)

While you're at the I Like You stand (and really, we could spend all day there), you should probably pick up a Passive Aggressive coin purse, because you know, Minnesota. Plus it's made out of 100 percent post consumer plastic bottle fabric.

Phone Fan ($5)

Walking around the State Fair is no joke -- and once you add humidity and some of that glorious summer sunshine, it can be a real sweat-a-thon. If you find yourself needing some relief, try this cute little phone fan -- it plugs right in your phone's USB. Find it at Gadgets 4 U at the Grandstand

Collapsible coffee brewer ($4.99)

Whether you're camping in a tent or on long hike, let's be honest, you'll always need coffee. That's where this fun, flexible -- and collapsible -- coffee drip comes in. You simply put the brewer over your favorite mug, open up the top and put a paper filter in with some ground-up coffee. Then you can pour hot water (up to 450 degrees) over the top and brew your own coffee on the go. Find it at JM Cremps in the Grandstand.

MN-themed pint glasses ($5)

The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. These pint glasses come in three options -- a MN outline with a list of every brewery in the state, a North Stars throwback craft beer glass or a Minnesota State of Beer option. All are $5 from Fair newcomers 16 oz Society. Find them at 16 oz Society in the Grandstand

Slappers can koozies ($6 or 2 for $10)

If a slap bracelet married a can koozie, this would be their offspring. These slappers can be stored flat or slapped around your wrist until needed for your cold brew or soda. Find them at Wish Boutique at the Grandstand.

Record bowl ($8)

What happens to a record that's no longer playable? Well, one company thought -- why not turn them into a bowl? Lucky Devils Cigar Box takes old records that no longer play music, heat them at a very high heat then wrap them around a bowl to form this cool record-shaped bowl. Now, you can't eat your cereal or ice cream in it but it does look pretty sweet on display. Find it at Lucky Devils Cigar Box at the West End Market.

Ellbee's Garlic Seasoning ($9) 

Beyond the food that's available to eat around the fair, there's plenty of items to inspire your cooking at home. Like Ellbee's -- a brand of garlic seasoning that takes soups, meats, vegetables, just about anything to the next level. They take fresh garlic mixed with other seasonings to create a nice, wet rub. Find them at Ellbees Garlic in the Grandstand

Collis Curve toothbrush ($7.50)

After all that grease and sugar at the fair, it may have you thinking about your dental hygiene. This dentist-designed toothbrush features curved bristles in order to wrap around your teeth on both sides and reduce the risk of gum disease. The toothbrush can also thoroughly clean those with braces, getting to places normal straight toothbrushes can't. Find them at Solutions For Your Smile in the Grandstand

Safety forks ($8 or 2 for $12)

There's nothing like cooking hot dogs or marshmallows on an open fire -- that is, until someone gets poked by the roaster. These safety forks are the answer to young kids grilling with sharp objects. The forks are designed to face inward, so the "pokers" aren't exposed and the hot dogs or marshmallows don't fall off. Find them at Diamond Willow in the Grandstand.

Moonshine deodorant ($9)

Looking for an organic option for your underarm regimen? Twisted Organics, made in Bloomington, brings fairgoers Moonshine deodorant -- yes, made with moonshine and other natural ingredients. Find it at the Holly House Boutique at the Grandstand.

Reader Rest ($10)

Always losing your reader glasses? Try a ReadeREST -- a magnetic eye-wear holder that clips to your shirt and holds your glasses until you need them again. Find it at Gadgets and Neat Stuff at the Grandstand.

Shoe clip light ($10) 

For those running enthusiasts, here's some added protection. Battery operated lights that clip on to the back of your shoe so cars and others can see you on the road. They have a stagnant option or a flashing one. Find them at Gadgets 4 U at the Grandstand

Goat milk soap ($5) 

Bar soap made with olive oil, coconut oil, fresh goat milk and essential oils to help keep you moisturized. Goat milk soap is said to help with other skin ailments like acne and eczema. Find it at the Natural Wonders USA booth at West End Market. 

Portable light switch ($7.50)

Need a light? This battery-powered light switch can be placed anywhere -- sheds, pillow forts, vehicles, wherever you need some extra light. It's a powerful little light, too. Find it at Gadgets and Neat Stuff at the Grandstand. 

Didn't see anything you like? We've got a gallery of even more goodies we found for $10 or less. Check it out here


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