Fall is prime season for painting

Freshen up you home this fall

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Fall is finally here and while everyone is busy busting out their sweaters and jackets, now is the perfect time to dust of the paint brushes and rollers.

Home improvement expert Chris Johnson says fall is a great time to freshen up your home. He visited the KARE 11 Saturday show and shared some pro tips for DIY’ers.

Q: Why is Fall a great season to paint?

·        It’s cool outside so you won’t be overheated and sweating while working.

·        However, early fall is best. Late fall can be too cold. You want the temperature to be between 50 and 85 degrees for latex paints and 40 and 90 degrees for oil-based paint.

·        Fall is also perfect for painting because it’s not humid. Humidity can really slow down the drying time for paint.


Q: What is the best painting technique and what products should we use?

·        For indoor painting you want to consider the type of paint. A flat finish absorb light and can make paint look darker. A glossy finish will reflect light and can make paint look brighter.

·        Once you’ve picked the color and finish, you want to use the best technique to put it on your wall. (Go through the best technique to paint using a 4x4 board)

·        When painting outdoors really keep in mind the temperature. If it’s below 50 degrees, I would wait to paint.

·        Also try to be in the sun while painting outside in the fall. This is the opposite of painting in summer when you want to avoid the sunlight. Start by painting the sunny side of your house first and follow it around your home throughout the day.


Q: Is there a difference between the color I pick out and what it looks like on the wall?

·        Yes! So many things influence what your paint looks like once it’s dry. Light, the type of paint and even the current color of your wall can affect the final color.

·        You also want to keep in mind the color swatch you get in the store might not be exactly what you’ll get once you apply it at home. (Demonstrate the difference between the color swatch, dry and wet paint)


Q: Are there any fall trends for indoor and outdoor projects?

·        Copper, rust, olive are all very popular colors when it comes to fall.

·        But, keep in mind you have to live with these colors year round so don’t choose a color because it looks good in one season. Pick a color you’re going to love all year long!

·        Light pink, yellow and teal are all trending colors this year.



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