Foods that help boost your energy

Keeping your energy consistent

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Do you struggle with low energy during the workday? Maybe you crash mid-afternoon and want a nap? Many people do.

Katie Vigesaa, a registered dietitian from Nutritional Weight and Wellness joined us on KARE11 News 4 p.m. to talk to us about how food can affect our energy and what foods to choose to keep our energy up. The following is a Q and A with Katie:

1.       Welcome Katie! As a nutritionist, is low energy something that clients need your help with?

a.        Absolutely, many people struggle with their energy. I know I will struggle with my energy from time to time, but for me, it’s usually because my daughter keeps me up at night. Some of us crash in the morning, some of us in the afternoon; but if your energy is low, you are not alone. The number one reason people visit doctors and nutritionists is the lack of energy. Low energy is something many people are struggling with.

2.       So what are the causes of energy crashes throughout the day? What does it have to do with what we’re eating?

a.       Well everything is connected. Let’s do a little detective work and see when your energy is dropping and what you last ate.  Let’s start with breakfast. Skip cereal and juice for breakfast and have eggs and bacon cooked in butter. Pair with side of hash browns and a nice bowl of fruit.

3.       Ok, breakfast makes sense, we’ve all heard how important it is. Are the other meals making us sleepy or no?

a.       Choose bowl of chili versus skipping lunch

4.       I think most people are curious about the dreaded afternoon slump, when you really want to take a nap but have a ton on your to do list. What can we do then?

a.       Skip the candy dish or vending machine and have a beef stick apple and nuts. Eating this will give you good energy for the rest of the afternoon and your drive home.

5.      To sum it up, what’s the number one tip for people to have good energy all day at work?

a.       Do not skip meals. Eat every 2-3 hours and eat foods that contain meat, vegetable carbohydrates, and good fat. If you choose real foods instead of the candy bars, soda and chips, not only will your energy will be better, but you will also feel much better. We encourage you to try it out!


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