5 tips to sell your house fast

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.-Two thing guaranteed to heat up this spring. Our temps and the Twin Cities housing market. So how can sellers and buyers get a jump on the competition before the spring real estate season shifts into high gear?

Real estate expert Cindy Welu with RE/MAX Advantage Plus joined KARE 11 News @ 4 with her tips.

The nicer weather has enticed both buyers and sellers to start sooner than normal, so it's best to not wait because you don't want to time yourself out of the market.

Here are 5 tips for sellers:

Before the season gets into full swing, you want to make sure you have these few things checked off your list. They'll not only help you attract the best buyers, but they'll also likely help you get your full asking price.

1. Get organized

Packing months before you plan to move may sound crazy, but it's smart to start getting organized now. There are two big benefits of getting organized early - first, it's much easier to make your home look more spacious when items are neatly boxed up. Second, it helps you find a place for items that can clutter the appearance of your home, like framed family photos, stacks of magazines or children's books. Sort through closets, attics and basements to decide what you'd like to keep and what to get rid of.

2. Get an inspection

Problems with a home, whether it is a small leak in the plumbing or old electrical wiring, can make or break a sale. It's smart to get a pre-listing home inspection. It gives you time to fix any problems that come up and avoid any surprises during the sale of your home.

3. Make minor improvements

While you may not have time to take on a major renovation project, small repairs and improvements, like fresh paint, new light fixtures or putting fresh grout in your bathroom shower, can really help boost the appearance of your home. You want everything to look fresh and neat. You'll be surprised how getting a few projects done can really improve the look of your home to prospective buyers.

4. Find a real estate agent

Picking the right agent can determine how quickly your home sells and the price you will get for it. Do they know your community? Do they use social media and other marketing tools? And buyers -- finding a good agent can help you get a leg up on your competition too, especially if he or she is an expert in the area where you're looking to buy. Plus, your agent can scope out each new possibility in your price range as soon as or possibly even before it goes on the market!

5. Get pre-approved

Knowing how much you can afford and being pre-approved for a specific loan amount allows you to make an immediate offer when you find a good home, condo, or townhome. Not only does this allow you to possibly beat out other potential buyers, it also shows the homeowner that you're serious about your offer.

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