Famous Dave's offers Top 12 grilling tips

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Famous Dave's, home of the legendary pit Bar-B-Que, has released it's Top 12 grilling tips.

Officials said that "because grilling is so good, we needed more than 10."

#1 PICK THE PROTEIN - While selecting your meats examine the color. Beefs should be bright red and pork should be a deep pink. Take your meats into a natural light and out from under fluorescents to reveal the true color.

#2 WARM UP - Your meat should be at room temperature before you start grilling. A room temperature piece of meat will ensure an even doneness and a quicker cook time.

#3 LAYERS OF FLAVOR - The best way to build flavor is to use a multitude of techniques. Marinade, season, smoke, char and finally, caramelize your sauce on the grill to build a complex, robust flavor profile.

#4 MOVE YOUR MEAT - Contrary to what old school Pitmasters will tell you, we like to flip, baste, and move the meat around different heat zones to build a better crust versus the traditional method of let 'er sit, quarter turn, then flip. PRO TIP: Timing is everything when cooking over high heat. Walking away to answer the phone could be the difference between a lovely medium-rare and a well-done steak.

#5 VARY COOKTOPS - Different cooking surfaces will create different chars and highlight flavor variances in the sauce and smoke of your 'que. Next time you grill outdoors, try a heavy cast iron pan or skillet!

#6 RE-THINK YOUR SMOKE - Use a bundle of soaked rosemary or thyme on top of your hardwood when going low and slow. The addition of herbs will add a new and unexpected flavor profile into the meat.

#7 KEEP IT SIMPLE - Sometimes all you need is salt and pepper maybe just a little cayenne and granulated garlic for the perfect flavor profile. Don't be afraid to be simple, especially with a high-quality cut of meat.

#8 BASTING AND CARAMELIZED - Wait until the meat is about 75% cooked and you have a good char base to start basting and caramelizing. Doing this too soon will burn your sauce. Add multiple thin layers of sauce and turn frequently. DIY TIP: Create your own sauce brush by securing a bundle of herbs to a wooden spoon with some butcher's twine to baste on sauce.

#9 CHECK THE TEMP - Make sure you're temping the right spot by measuring the correct spot on the meat. Let the temperature stabilize before taking your final reading. Giving that instant read thermometer a couple seconds will ensure an accurate reading.

#10 RESTING - Anything you cook on the grill should rest for at least 5 minutes and up to 30 minutes before you cut into it. Resist the urge to cut into it right off the grill and you will be rewarded with a juicier cut of meat.

#11 FINISH FRESH - Add fresh chopped herbs and garlic into a bowl of oil with salt and pepper and use a bright and flavorful addition to your expertly grilled meat. Use citrus if you're really adventurous!

#12 NOTES FOR NEXT TIME - The grilling enthusiasts will tell you, the best tool you can have is a notebook and pen. Keep track of your sauces and seasonings, how you heat, the cuts of meat you use, how long it rests and use what works well to build upon in future grilling excursions


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