KARE Saturday gets at peek at The St. Paul Grill's new brunch menu

St. Paul, Minn. -- Executive Chef Adam Bartos from The St. Paul Grill stopped by KARE in the kitchen Saturday to talk about their new brunch menu.

The St. Paul Grill is located adjacent to the historic Saint Paul Hotel and has sweeping views of Rice Park.

New brunch items include soft eggs and lobster, cream hash, baked apple pancakes, and more! Find the full menu at St.PaulGrill.com.

Soft Eggs and Lobster:

· Fresh Lobster Meat 3 oz

· Eggs 2 each

· Butter 1 tsp

· Cream Cheese softened 1 oz

· Ciabatta 1 each ½ inch grilled slice

· Salt and Black Pepper to taste

· Fresh Chopped Chives

In a small non-stick pan, add butter and lobster meat, season with salt and pepper. Pour in beaten eggs, and the cream cheese. With a rubber scraper over medium heat, continually stir the eggs, removing from heat occasionally. Place soft eggs with lobster on a grilled piece of ciabatta and garnish with chopped chives.

Cream Hash:

· 1 ½ lb. fresh shredded hash browns

· 4 each green onion tops sliced

· 2 cups heavy cream

· Lowry's Seasoned Salt to taste

· ¾ of a cup of sour cream

· 10 each cooked diced bacon – optional

Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a mixing bowl. Pour into a buttered 10" baking pan. Bake for 45 minutes at 350° until golden brown on top.


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