Pazzaluna's sausage and peppers

Pazzaluna Urban Italian restaurant unveils a new menu adding dozen of new offerings to its popular line up

MINNEAPOLIS - Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant has unveiled a new menu, adding dozens of new offerings to the popular restaurant's line-up of classic Italian favorites.

With 13 new signature cocktails, new bar menu items including four different meatball preparations and three distinctive bruschetta offerings, several new pizza variations, and new dinner menu items including a tangy new salad, innovative pasta dishes and new takes on fish and chicken entrees, Pazzaluna has packed its menu with fresh, flavorful interpretations of regional Italian cuisine.

The new menu even features three new desserts.

Pazzaluna is located at 360 St. Peter Street in St. Paul.

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Pazzaluna's Sausage & Peppers

6oz – 1.5links – Hot Italian Sausage

2oz – roasted red bell pepper

2oz – roasted yellow bell pepper

1oz – spinach

3fl oz – Veal demi glace

2fl oz – white wine

2tsp – rosemary chopped

2oz – Yellow Onion cut into ¼ rings and grilled

2tbl – Olive Oil

t.t. – Kosher Salt

t.t. – Black Peppercorn

  1. Place 1 red bell pepper and 1 yellow bell pepper and place on hot grill and char all sides of the skin. Place in a plastic container and cover with plastic wrap and let sit for about an hour. Remove plastic and let them cool till you are comfortable handling them.
  2. To clean the peppers remove the top stem area and using a knife cut in half and open. Using a paring knife carefully remove all seeds, and peel away the burnt skin. Ensure peppers are free from any residual seeds, be patient. Cut peppers as desired.
  3. Peel the onion and slice into ¼ to ½ inch rings season with S&P and grill until soft remove and reserve
  4. Using a small sauté pan begin to reduce the white wine by half then add the veal demi glace and rosemary and season with S&P and reserve on low heat.
  5. Using a hot grill begin to grill the Italian sausage until 155 degrees is reached. Hold and reserve
  6. Using a hot pan over moderately high heat get the olive oil hot then begin to wilt the spinach seasoning with S&P. Place the spinach in center of a bowl or plate of your choice, immediately add the bell peppers, and grilled onions to the pan and toss lightly just get them warm.

Spoon the rosemary demi glace around the spinach then shingle the bell peppers as follow: one red piece on yellow piece until the line the inner rim of the bowl. Next slice the sausage into six equal parts and arrange around


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