"Glitter moments" keep families and friends connected

Tool to meaningfully share your day

MINNEAPOLIS - Parents looking for a better way than "How was your day" to get kids to communicate have a new technique that they can use online or in person to stay connected in a meaningful way.

Seventeen years ago, St. Paul mom Stephanie Ross developed the concept of High Low Glitter to entice her school-aged children to share the details of their day. Each day at dinner, everyone would share their high of the day, the low of the day and the glittery, unexpected moment of the day.

What began as a conversation starter has evolved into a micro social network that enables users to document and communicate the highs, lows, and unexpected 'glitter' moments of the day with a small group of people. The site is free and users can invite up to seven people to be in their network.

While the initial intent was to instill a value of reflection and perspective, it evolved into a positive way to get her family talking, sharing and listening to one another. When her girls went away to college, Ross missed the opportunity to hear about the details of their day and decided to develop a site that she and others could use with their own families and friends.

In addition to keeping bonds tight among family and very close friends, people are also using High Low Glitter as a digital journal to document their daily thoughts and reflections on life's ups and downs. Ross, a professional development coach, also has used the site as a tool for her clients.

To learn more, visit highlowglitter.com.


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