Eco-friendly buckthorn removal

Eco-friendly buckthorn removal

WOODBURY, Minn. - Here is a familiar sight: green shiny leaves with small yellow and brown dots -- the invasive species, buckthorn.

Killing it with chemicals bothered Woodbury native Matt Hamilton so he decided to invent a 'greener' way of killing the buckthorn.

"If you take away the oxygen and nutrients that's needed and the sunlight, how could it grow?" said Matt Hamilton.

That question helped him to invent the Buckthorn Baggie. According to Matt, If you cut down a buckthorn and walk away, the root system will sprout 8-10 new plants from the trunk.

"With the baggie there's specifically no chemicals at all and it will kill the whole root system all the way down." said Matt.

The process is simple, first you cut the buckthorn six inches from the ground and then install the Buckthorn Baggie.

"You can take the bag here -- it's open at the bottom and sealed at the top. Place it directly over the stump, and it crucial to fan out the bottom of the bag. Take the zip tie and go all the way around like this." said Matt, demonstrating how to use it.

Leave the bag on for a year, next year the buckthorn is dead and you can reuse the bag.

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