Taking the fear out of starting your own business

Seven ways to beat your start-up fears

MINNEAPOLIS - Most people working today (61% of Americans vs.38%) would rather own their own business, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey, but will remain on the start-up sidelines because of fear.

According to The Wall Street Journal, recently released Census analysis reports that the new level of U.S. start-ups has stalled since the recession.  Just 11 states and Washington, D.C. had more new firms created in 2013 than in 2012.

And here in Minnesota, we have the third lowest level of start-up activity in the nation, according to a Kauffman Foundation, 2015 State Ranking Report For Start-up Activity. (122 start-ups for every 100,000 residents.)

So how can Minnesotans get over their fears and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams? Neil F. Anderson from the Courage Group joined us today to discuss the key reasons Minnesotans are scared of starting up. And he also offered 7 tips for beating those fears.

This Halloween season, or for that matter any season, here are 7 tips to beat your start-up fears:

1. Do your homework, now.
2. Make the commitment, now.
3. Ignore the ugly statistics, now.
4. Talk to your spouse, now.
5. Ignore the negative people, now.
6. Decide to live frugally, now.
7. Trust your gut, now.


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