Tech ideas for your home

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - From light bulbs to apps, innovation insider Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, joined KARE to talk about tech ideas for the home.

1. The new 100-watt Cree LED Bulb looks and lights like a traditional incandescent light bulb and is available at the Home Depot for a breakthrough price of just $19.97—the lowest priced 100-watt LED replacement bulb (BTW-- the next lowest priced comparable LED bulb is more than twice as much). Using 82-percent less energy and designed to last 25-times longer than traditional bulbs, the new dimmable 100-watt Cree LED Bulb is ideal for applications that require the most light, while still providing unmatched energy savings. The traditional bulb shape and size make it perfect for nearly any open lighting fixture in the home including floor lamps, reading lights, high ceilings and dark hallways.

2. Then turn on/off that LED bulb with the Belkin WeMo Switch. This easy to use smartphone controlled switch allows you to control your home technology from anywhere. WeMo is a modular system – so you can easily add-on multiple units to control your whole home. For expanded control, pick up the WeMo Switch + Motion Sensor. It not only lets you control your tech via WiFi but also has a 10-foot motion sensitivity range. So you can use it to have a light go on when you enter a room or a fan turn off when you leave the room. With these devices, you can control your lamp, fan, stereo system, heater or any plugged-in tech from any location. These remote controlled switches plug into any regular 120VAC wall outlet and are intuitive, easy to set up and use. Belkin WeMo Switch/Wireless Home Actuator, $49.99 at RadioShack

3. To take control of your growing list of password, check out Dashlane. This FREE app tackles the universal problem of passwords by offering what might be the world's best password manager and digital wallet app. It provides users with a beautiful interface and a seamless way to manage and use all of your passwords, IDs and payment information. User data is stored locally in a securely encrypted AES-256 vault and the encryption key is never recorded, stored or transmitted anywhere. This FREE app uses tested security technology designed to allow only the user to access the data. Dashlane is available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. The app is free to use on one device and a Premium version is available for $29.99/year which allows you to sync between multiple devices. Dashlane was as PC Mag 2013 "Product of the Year" and was called one of "The Coolest Gadgets of 2013" by CNN.

4. Little Luxury -- is a mini water cooler that unlike any other product of its kind - both cools and more importantly filters tap water. Quite simply, you pop in the easy to replace clinically proven filter, fill the spill-free water bottle with municipal tap water, plug it in and within 45 minutes you have great tasting, healthy, ice cold drinking water. It is simple, it is unique and it is ideal for all bedrooms, kitchens, offices, gyms, bars and more! A must-have for a child's bedroom. All materials are environmentally friendly. The Little Luxury operates in almost total silence and it the recipient of the Energy Star award for energy efficiency. The cooler weighs only 7 pounds, holds 1.85 gallons of water and has a fast flowing water outlet. The filter provides about 130-gallons of water before needing to be changed and removes all pesticides, contaminants and chlorine whilst preserving the essential minerals that are not preserved in bottled water. Little Luxury looks cool, operates beautifully and saves lots of money. Each gallon of water will cost only about 12 cents. The cooler with the first filter is very well priced between $99.99 to $129.99. Little Luxury means you no longer have to lug heavy water bottles home from the store and it reduces the need for plastic bottles which are harmful to our environment.

5. For the first time, GE's new Brillion™ app allows consumers to control their GE Profile wall oven from outside their home using their smartphone. This FREE app allows users to preheat, set the timer and temperature and check cooking status remotely. The app also allows you to turn off the oven. The connected app is available for free in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store under the name GE Brillion.

6. Wilson Electronics' DT4G Cell Signal Booster—just launched, this is the FIRST consumer cell signal booster to boost ALL voice and data signals, including 4G, for ALL US carriers. Today, more than 80% of cell phone calls are made from inside a building. Many types of building materials make it difficult for a good cell signal to get inside, including low-e glass, metal roofing, brick, window coating, and more. The DT4G helps overcome these building materials by using a powerful antenna to pull in the good signal, boosting it, and then redistributing a usable signal indoors through a small, desktop antenna. The process is then repeated, but in reverse, sending a strong signal back to the cell tower. The result, a stronger, more reliable cell signal in the area of your home or office where you need it most. The DT4G Cell Signal Booster is under $400


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