Mom creates pillow for colicky baby, builds company

Inventures: Baby Elephant Ears

CAMBRIDGE, Minn. – Alicia Overby describes herself as an "unintentional entrepreneur" after starting her company, Baby Elephant Ears six years ago.

"I had four little kids at the time so having a business was not at all in my scope of where my life was going to be going at that point," she said.

After having her second child who dealt with colic as an infant, Overby tried several fixes and seeing chiropractors.

"If any parent or mom hears the word colic or has ever had a baby with colic you just cringe. It's this thing where basically babies cry all the time and nobody has a solution, nobody can tell you why," Overby says.

Doctors suggested a blanket behind his head, something to support it.

"Everything that was out there, they said you can roll up blankets and things it was either ugly, or I don't know how to say it any nicer was but it just wasn't cute," Overby jokes.

She started Baby Elephant Ears after she sewed up a special pillow for her son. She says after time, it was one of the things that helped with his colic. She now sells and markets her pillows for infants and parents who may have the same experiences.


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