New Year, New Financial Fitness

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - If being financially fit is one of your goals for 2014, today is a good day to start.

Nicole Middendorf, an LPL Financial Advisor and CEO of Prosperwell Financial, joined KARE 11 News at 4 and she says that in order for your changes and goals to become a success, you need to set goals that are attainable.

Here are Nicole's tips to help you reach your goals:

1. Goals to Help you Gain Control of Your Budget-

In order to take control of your finances, you need to gain control of your budget. Set up and follow a budget, track your expenses each month, balance your checkbook each month, save money on your biggest spending categories, and save more money this year.

2. Goals to Help You Get Out of Debt-

Before you focus on your savings goals, you need to get out of debt. Learn what you can do to set up a debt payment plan for yourself. Pay off old debt and stop using credit cards. Learn how to live on cash and within your means.

3. Goals to Help You Increase Your Savings-

If you want to build wealth, saving and investing money is important. Your savings goals need to be goals that you can reach in a certain amount of time. You should also be aware of what you are spending and what you are saving. When you are able to stop going into debt for your major purchases, then it is time for you to start saving for them in advance.

4. Goals to Help You Save for Retirement-

Your retirement should be separate from your other savings goals. It is essential since it directly affects how comfortable your life will be when you reach your retirement. Understand your 401(k) and learn about individual retirement accounts and choose the right retirement products for your situation.

Nicole's most recent book, Lipstick on the Piggy Bank, is a resource to help women take control of their money, no matter how desperate their situation.


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