4 tips to scoring a job with higher salary

GOLDEN VALLEY. Minn. - Are you in the market for a better paying job? Ted Chalupsky, President of The Right Staff, a professional employment services firm, joined KARE 11 News at 4 with some great tips.

Here are Chaluplsky's recommendations:

The salary negotiation is a tricky step for most job seekers. You don't want to undercut yourself, but you also need to determine how far you can push without offending hiring managers. Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Do your research. You can't negotiate without the facts. You should have a good idea of what others in your position are earning in the industry. Check salary guides (many exist online but ask at the local library if in doubt). Talk to your mentors and former bosses. Talk to colleagues to see if they can point out skills that really stand out for them in their experience and ask who has demonstrated these skills in the past. Talk with clients if relevant and get their feedback on your value. Look into what the company has traditionally paid employees in your role.

2. Know your numbers. The most important thing you need to do before a salary negotiation is determine your minimum and target numbers. Then, always start with a figure higher than what you really want––this means knowing in advance what your bottom line is. This provides leeway to negotiate down and reach a "compromise". If you're lucky, it'll be right where you really wanted it.

3. Practice. If you're the sort who gets the jitters when asking for something and find this matter of salary negotiating even harder than attending the actual interview that won you the job, then spend time practicing.

4. End the request on a positive note, however it has been received by your future employer. Whether or not you've been successful (and in many cases, you may not know as many employers will ask for time to consider your request), end everything politely and without begging. A simple "okay, thanks" to the employer's response is a good and neutral way to respond. Keep smiling––your friendly and easy-to-negotiate-with approach matters.

The biggest factor in determining whether or not you get a higher salary is based solely on whether you ask. So ask. The vast majority of companies are willing to negotiate salary, but the vast majority of employees never even try. Here's to your landing a great job offer!

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