Academic All-Star mixes business with pleasure

FRIDLEY, Minn. - An easy grin crossed the face of Fridley senior Max Fite because he'd heard the joke before. A reporter was questioning Fite about his resume', which included a stint as the student manager of the girls dance team.

But what seemed like a golden opportunity to meet girls actually turned out to be an opportunity for Max to support the girl he already had.

Says Max, "You know, a lot of people would say, Oh, that's interesting, you manage the dance team so, what's the guy to girl ratio at all these dance competitions? And I'm like, well, my girlfriend Kelly is on the team, so."

When you're as busy as Max Fite is you can't blame him for mixing business with pleasure. The captain of the Tigers cross-country team, Max has also been on Fridley's varsity tennis team since 7th grade, advancing to play no. 1 singles and serving as a team captain.

"You know, I've met a lot of great people and hit with some great players up at the top spots," says Max. "You know, I earned my way up to the number1 singles spot, so it's just been a cumulative effort and a lot of hard work and a lot of friends who have helped me along the way."

Max spent so much time playing tennis he once again decided to mix business with pleasure by starting his own racquet stringing business called 'Straight A Stringing.' But that's a business Max won't be able to take with him when he makes the transition from high school to college.

"Straight-A stringing is going to be passed down to my brother when I leave to college," says Max. "The machine's pretty heavy. It's tough to carry around and lug around. It takes up a lot of space but yeah, he'll be taking over the racquet-stringing business."

An International Baccalaureate candidate, Max got a lesson about life in the real world when he received a scholarship to attend the I-B World Student Council in Spain.

"I learned that it's not that difficult to make it from point A to point B," says Max. "If you think coherently and if you just lay out the cards and see what you've got."

Max goes well beyond thinking coherently. Despite being a captain in two sports and pushing through the rigors of Fridley's I.B. program, Max also makes time to perform service in the community.

"Yeah, I love doing Feed My Starving Children," says Max. "It's a blast. I like being the carrier so I like man-handling the food, filling-up the trays. That's what my brother, he told me to do that the first time that he did it and I haven't done anything else since."

A member of the National Honor Society with a weighted GPA in excess of 4.0, Max says, he's just tried to make the most of what Fridley High School had to offer.

"I think it's the student and it's what you make of it," says Max. "I tried making the most of what they've got here at Fridley, a small, suburban school and you can do wonderful things if you have the right mindset."

Sound advice from a young man who can mix business with pleasure, make a profit, and come out looking like an All-Star.


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