Vikings QB Ponder is 7th grader's 'Show and Tell'

7:14 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PAUL PARK, Minn. - Before the start of class Tuesday morning, the students at St Paul Park's Oltman Middle School filled the hallways and were ready to go.

They set aside their Raiders pride, for a Viking.

Seventh grade classmate Cala Boesel won Verizon Wireless' Show and Tell contest with the NFL and Tuesday's show was Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.

For fans, if Ponder's two key interceptions and the Vikings' loss to Green Bay still stings.

Ponder's touch Tuesday, couldn't have been more on the money as he "low-fived" hundreds of kids.

"That was like the coolest introduction in my life, going through that longest line of people ever," smiled Ponder as he talked to Cala's class.

In a press conference like setting Ponder talked about the importance of staying in school, getting good grades, eating healthy and being yourself. 

"When I was in 7th grade, I thought it was so important that I would fit in, but who cares.  What someone else thinks about you will not determine how your life goes," Ponder explained.

And while he may have a point, his life in football is at least partly determined by how he plays on the field.

During the course of the mock news conference, students had an opportunity to ask him anything, but they shied away from his play on Sunday.

That is until the one-on-one autograph session when a student told Ponder her Uncle wanted to know what happened on Sunday.

"You know I just didn't play that well, some not very good decisions and it was frustrating but you have to learn from it," Ponder told her.

Later outside of the school he reiterated the statement.

"I made a couple of bad decisions in that game.  It stinks, obviously I'm very disappointed and very frustrated with what I did," Ponder said.  "The only thing I can do is bounce back, got an important game this week and come back against Chicago."

If only he could translates Tuesday's "low-five" touches into Sunday touchdowns.

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