Surveillance video captured break-in before teens fatally shot

11:57 PM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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LITTLE FALLS, Minn. - The man accused of shooting two teenagers who broke into his Little Falls-area home on Thanksgiving Day had a surveillance system at his home that recorded video of the teens as they broke into his home.

Byron David Smith, 64, also had a digital audio recorder running when he shot the teens and it recorded audio of the shooting.

Those details are in several search warrants that were executed by law enforcement in the days after Nick Brady and Haile Kifer were shot to death inside Smith's house. Smith remains in Morrison County Jail, charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

A court complaint charging Smith accuses him of shooting the teens after they broke into his house and came down the stairs into his basement. The search warrants indicate that Smith was sitting in a chair near the stairwell when he shot Brady, who was the first to come downstairs. Smith sat back down in the chair and shot Kifer when she came down the stairs five to seven minutes after her cousin Brady, according to the search warrants.

Smith is accused of waiting a day before telling anyone about what happened and when sheriff's officials arrived at his house the day after the killings he appeared to have blood on the shoes and clothes that he was wearing, according to the warrants.

Law enforcement executed six search warrants as part of their investigation. One was for the car that Brady and Kifer drove to Smith's residence and an inventory of what was found in that vehicle included property taken from what is believed to be a burglary of a separate Morrison County residence.

Authorities served one of the warrants at Smith's residence after learning of the video and audio recordings they had found in a previous search. The subsequent search led to investigators taking several computer memory cards and various computer equipment.

Investigators also seized a large quantity of ammunition from Smith's house as well as firearms and items believed to contain blood.

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