Crazed cat attacks Florida woman

7:16 AM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Two firefighters and an animal control officer were needed to cage a crazed cat in Cape Coral, Florida Tuesday night.

Lee County Animal Services reports the stray feline slipped in through a doggie door.

The cat, which animal services has named "Evander," attacked, bit and scratched two females in the home after wandering in.

"It was vicious. I was away from it. It was still hissing," said victim Barb Glover.

She said she tried to shoo the cat away and that seemed to spark the animal's fury.

With her swollen hand still bandaged, she described how the animal ripped into her skin.

"It was a reflex. I did a windmill and it latched on my other wrist. My mother's instinct kicked in and she went to get off before he bite her," she said. "The cat had a good bite, a lot of pressure per pound. It was a lot of pain. I screamed."

The officer and the firefighters went into the home and found Evander on a window sill.

As they approached, the cat started clawing its way up the screen, then jumped to the floor, where animal control was able to corner and cage it.

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