Tips to make sure drivers have right tires for winter

10:49 AM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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ROGERS, Minn. - Slip and slides are great when you are a kid, but not so much when they happen on the highway.

It's what drove a lot of you to put a stop to it.

"(We are) selling a lot of tires. People are realizing how bad their tires are," Discount Tire manager Jason Sergott said Monday night.

When everything about driving seems to be a challenge, tires are a quick fix.

Heavy duty tread, they are the Mukluks for the car, but are they an absolute MUST?

"I would say every driver would benefit from a snow tire, but not every driver needs a snow tire," Rogers Tires Plus' tire guru George Nemeth says.

Almost every vehicle sold today comes with a set of tires that will drive just fine in our winter weather.

"An all-season tire has been rated as all-season. It performs OK in most seasons, but it can't be all things to all people," Nemeth said.

As the consumer, do you want an all-season tire that is just fine or a set of snow tires that is designed for this weather?

It's a decision that does factor in the almighty dollar.

A set of snow tires can set you back $500 to $600 and changing them out twice a year costs about $100.

A set of snow tires can last 4 to 5 years, but if you can't swing a whole set, halfway isn't a bad choice either.

"Two is always better than nothing at that point because you still maintain a level of traction that is better than you had before," Nemeth said.

But if you opt for two, they need to go on the back, putting them on in the front can cause a nasty fishtail effect.

So consider the gift this season that keeps on gripping.

"It might not be sexy, but it is definitely a gift that says I want you to be around next year," Nemeth said of snow tires.

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