Ice ruts test patience, wear down cars

6:52 AM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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WAYZATA , Minn. - Your Tuesday commute was most likely a teeth chattering, white knuckling, panic inducing odyssey, navigating ice ruts that nearly send you off the road.

What's left of the storm isn't just testing your patience, it also could be wearing down your car. That's why in Wayzata, Youngstedt's Tire and Auto Repair is gaining traction.

"The last two days have been crazy busy," said store manager Mark Rue.

Rue says the rough conditions will bring any lingering car problem to the surface. Many of his customers have been treading dangerously, in need of tires.

"It hardly snowed last year so people were holding off, now this year, they can't," he said.

Rue says a snow tire generally runs around $200, and he recommends customers get all four tires. If it's not in your budget, he says, an all season tire is a good option. Youngstedt's recommends customers replace tires with 3/32-inch tread depth or below.

Mechanic Brandon Lobitz is in that range himself. We met him as he was putting snow tires on his own car, a rear wheel drive Cadillac that he couldn't get out of the driveway yesterday morning.

"The washboard over the road, definitely not good," said Lobitz. "I couldn't even make it to work, got a ride in, which is unfortunate because I work at a tire shop."

The shop also tells drivers to worry about the shock factor, with the ice build up wearing on your suspension.

"When you hit a bump and your car continues to bounce, that means your suspension is worn your shocks and struts. Have it inspected," said Rue, who also recommends testing air pressure in your tires, which helps your car handle better and your tires last longer.

Take it from Lobitz, who after driving to work today, will do just about anything to get a grip.

"It's worth not crashing my car, for sure," he said."Putting snows (tires) on today, it should do a little better."

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