H&M's arrival could bring more business to Uptown

10:38 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS --  Before you get annoyed that another non-local chain is moving into Uptown, really think about what it can do. It can drive business to the mom and pop's that are right next door.

"Small business and big business can cohabitate together and be very successful and play off of each other," Uptown Business Association executive director Maude Lovelle said.

Come Friday, clothing giant H&M will open up for business at Calhoun Square. The 23,000 square foot store will definitely attract the shoppers.

And those shoppers may just spill out of that store and head for the locals like Penzey's Spices or Kitchen Window.

And beyond that, look at the big picture for Calhoun Square.

"It definitely has had its highs and lows," Lovelle said of the Mall's 30 year existence. As of now, Calhoun Square is at a 94 percent capacity.

That is quite a turnaround from just a handful of years ago when businesses were racing to leave the mall that folks joked people went into but never were heard from again.

"A lot of people hung in there with what they thought would be a greater and better Uptown and they have been right," Lovelle said of the developers who chose to stick with this plan.

In just the last three years, the big names have produced the steady stream of shoppers. The Apple Store, CB2 and now H&M will bring business to the Uptown area.

Those crowds then attracted locals to open the Republic Bar and Restaurant inside of Calhoun Square.

And not just the new, but the old is becoming new in the area too.

This year saw The Uptown Theatre doing a major renovation and come spring of 2014, the Walker Library will be brand spanking new.

"The mix is just, it surprises me some days it's just so fun," Lovelle said of all the activity.

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