Engagement ring found at Holidazzle parade

9:05 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- It's hard to look away from the sparkle and spectacle of the Minneapolis Holidazzle parade.

But as Ryan Richards and his family watched Thursday at Sixth and Nicollet, they stood near a man and woman whose eyes weren't on the parade, but on the pavement.

"All of a sudden we see them running around looking for something," Richards said.

That something was the woman's engagement ring, which had slipped from her finger as she took off her glove. The woman said she heard it hit the ground, but then it was gone, and on a dark night with only the lights from their cell phones to help them search, the ring had disappeared.

"It was quite the occurrence," Richards said.

But nothing compared to what happened once Ryan and his family got home. As Ryan's wife Carla unpacked a bag of winter clothes they had brought for their two young kids, out came the children's snowpants, and with them, the missing ring. Ryan says it apparently fell off the woman's hand, bounced on the sidewalk, and flew about five feet into the bag of clothes. But while Ryan and his wife now have the ring, they don't have a way to find its owner.

"We didn't get any information about her," he said. "We didn't get her name. We have no idea where she lives."

So they posted an ad on Craigs List, and also called Minneapolis police. But with no response, Ryan thinks the media---and social media---might help, hoping the woman will get back her ring, and, with it, faith in the kindness of strangers.

"Never in a million years did you think that was how it was going to turn out," Richards said.

If you have any information about the ring, or you know whose it is, contact Ryan through the Craigslist link.

Ryan says the ring is very distinctive, so the owner should be able to give a detailed description.

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