Vikings fans living in heart of Packerland

1:19 PM, Jan 5, 2013   |    comments
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GREEN BAY - In a city where loyalty is measured by how much pack you back,  breaking ranks is risky. Just ask Dave, life-long Vikings fan and Green Bay resident.

"Enemy territory everyday, 365 days, and leap year counts too," Dave said on Viking/Packer playoff eve from a Packer Bar right behind Lambeau Field.

I'm told Vikings fans are rare in Green Bay for obvious reasons.

"You try to keep it a secret because you lose friendships over stuff like that, it's rough," Kathryn said, also a lifelong Vikings fan said.

What's that saying what's popular isn't always right? Well it's not really true out here on the frozen tundra.

The pack is leading all, the strays like the Vikings fans got to fend for themselves.

But they are super nice about it.

"Green Bay fans are all very polite and considerate and if not they should be shot because we all are just fans rooting for what we believe in," Packer faithful Maryann said.

See that's darn sweet.

On this playoff eve Green Bay is ready to make nice and always eager to make fun of the town without the title.

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