Tackling terrorism in the classroom

12:42 AM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Minneapolis - Of all the lessons security consultant Michael Rozin teaches about stopping terrorism, there's one he says is most important.

"Being aware," said Rozin, "is the foundation for proactive security."

Awareness, he says, may not have stopped the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, or Aurora, Colorado, or the one at Accent Signage in Minneapolis.

But people who intend to do harm, he says, usually can't hide it, saying they almost always show clear signs.

"When the stakes are high, when you're afraid of being caught, your body projects some involuntary indicators that are very easy to detect," Rozin said.

That's part of what a group of about a dozen security guards learned this week in one of Rozin's classes. His classes are week-long seminars he gives everywhere from schools to shopping malls to corporations. They feature lots of role playing to teach how a terrorist might behave.

For some in this week's class, it's a real life lesson; just five months ago the building the guards work in was among those shut down when a man with a gun threatened to shoot in a downtown Minneapolis bank. While no one was hurt, it's a day the group won't forget.

"It makes the entire security operation that much more impactful," said Kevin Stewart, Director of Security for G4S, a company that provides security guards for the City Center in Minneapolis.

Rozin says just as crucial is changing our mindset, so that stopping violence is more about prevention than reaction.
"(It's) more important than ever," he said.

Besides the physical signs, Rozin says how someone answers basic questions can give important clues about their intentions.
And he says while not everyone is trained to see those signs, all of us can be more aware of other's behavior, and more proactive about reporting suspicious people to authorities.

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