Body Worlds exhibit back in Saint Paul

10:48 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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SAINT PAUL, Minn. - The highly successful "Body Worlds" exhibit has returned to the Science Museum of Minnesota. The 2006 presentation was the most popular in the Museum's history with 750,000 visitors.

"We have 22 full body specimens on display at a selection of single organs and separate dissections of about 160," said Dr. Angelina Whalley, Creative Designer of the Body Worlds exhibit.

Visitors to the 2006 program will see the familiar use of actual, "plastinated", human bodies in lifelike poses. However, none of the displays are repeats from the 2006 exhibit. Whalley said the program is designed to be updated and contemporary.

"We have specimens on display that have been plastinated only a very few years, so they show the latest state of the art, so to say," said Whalley. "We have quite some dramatic specimens like the skateboarder or even two ice hockey players, playing in a very dramatic situation."

The latter exhibit is expected to fascinate Minnesotans, just as the delayed NHL season reopens at the Xcel Energy Center across Kellogg Boulevard from the Body Worlds 2 displays.

The theme of the new program is "the Cycle of Life", according to Whalley. "And it shows you how the human body is developing from the spark of conception through old age."

Among the most interesting displays is an actual brain of an Alzheimer's sufferer showing how the disease changed the spacing in the tissue of the brain.

All of the bodies in the Body Worlds program were donated for that purpose. After seeing the 2006 exhibit, 40 individuals from the Midwest made arrangements to donate their own bodies to the program after death.

Body Worlds 2 runs at the Science Museum of Minnesota from January 18th-May 5th. There is an admission charge beyond the standard Museum fees. For more information, call 651-221-9444 or toll free: 800-221-9444.

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