Murderer could have legally bought 13 guns

8:53 AM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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CHASKA, Minn. - As Christian Oberender sits in the Carver County jail the investigation continues into how he, as a man who 18 years ago brutally murdered his own mother, got his hands on 13 guns.

The most shocking discovery so far is he might have bought them legally because he was adjudicated as a minor for the murder of Mary Oberender when he was 14-years-old. So his name didn't raise any red flags on the instant background check to the purchase guns.

That may be the fault of Carver County for not getting those records to the BCA 18 years ago.

The BCA says it wasn't on their end, spokesperson Jill Oliveria said the BCA had no information on Oberender in their system when he was taken into custody for having the firearms on January 2nd.

But the fact is Oberender knew he shouldn't possess firearms.

So if he did buy them from a retailer, he would have had to lie on his permit to purchase that he had never be person adjudicated of a violent crime.

That's a crime in and of itself.

He also could have gotten them from a third party or hired someone to buy for him, the latter, also a criminal act.

What concerns law enforcement is that he was once deemed a mentally ill and dangerous person who shot his own mother to death in their home and who until two weeks ago slept in a bedroom next to his arsenal of guns with a notebook in which he wrote: "I think about killing all the time. The monster want out, I know what happens when he comes out."

"We think he is a dangerous person and he has got a history of violence and we are concerned for public safety and we are hoping for continued confinement," Carver County Sheriff's Department investigator Jason Kamerud said Thursday.

Oberender has two options, he can stay in custody and wait for his court date at the end of March or he can come up with $100,000 in cash to get bailed out. If he does get bailed out, there are conditions.

He has to stay on his medications and stay away from any firearms.

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