How Christian Oberender amassed an arsenal

9:47 AM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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Christian Oberender

CHASKA, Minn. --  This story begins in February of 1995.

That is when then 14-year-old Christian Phillip Oberender shot and killed his mother, Mary Oberender, in their home in Watertown Township.

He was arrested, and then, became what is called extended juvenile jurisdiction for the murder, meaning he did it, but under juvenile law was in a way protected from being deemed a killer on his permanent record if he committed no other crimes in the years that followed.

He was also later civilly committed as mentally ill and dangerous and sent to the state security hospital in St. Peter for treatment.

Oberender is 32-years-old now and lives in the home where he killed his mother.

He has been back in Watertown Township for years.

He was not under the eye of the law again until New Year's Eve of 2012.

"It was somebody that called in expressing some concern about the welfare of Chris," Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said when recollecting how Oberender came back into focus weeks ago.

The caller told authorities that Oberender had posted photos on his facebook page of guns, she was concerned Oberender would go hurt her daughter who she said he had been dating recently.

By chance, Sheriff Olson happened to scan the reports that night, including the one on Oberender.

"My memory kicked in and I said he shouldn't be having any guns and I went and looked at the facebook page and saw the guns that were on facebook," Sheriff Olson said.

Olson said he knew Oberender shouldn't have guns because of the murder in 1995, it was Olson's first homicide case as a young detective, so the name and the case were something that he wouldn't forget.

Within a day a search warrant was obtained and investigators found 13 guns in Christian Oberender's bedroom, all his, with ammunition to match.

It was alarming because Oberender is barred from ever being in a possession of a weapon.

Even worse is this fact.

Oberender legally bought at least some of the weapons as he was granted a permit to purchase by Carver County in the summer of 2012.

He was able to do that in a couple of ways, one, he lied on his permit by using his middle name as his first and not admitting to the history he had as a teen concerning his mother's murder.

He lied a third time on the form when he said he had never been civilly committed as mentally ill and/or dangerous.

But what also happened is Christian Oberender's name never came up as a person not allowed to possess guns in both the State BCA background check, and the Federal background check so to an unsuspecting sheriff's deputy signing off on gun permits, he was legally fit to buy firearms.

"You know what they did nothing wrong, there was nothing that showed up in the system. If you would not have remembered that name and said wait a minute--that case is 18 years old and there is nothing in the system to prevent him from purchasing a firearm or denying him a gun permit," Sheriff Olson said.

Whose fault that is remains a key point to this case.

The BCA says it was never given information on Oberender, so there is no record for him in background checks.

Carver County may be to blame for that, they may not, the records kept in 1995 combined with Oberender's sealed case as an Adjudicated Juvenile make that paper trail hard to follow.

But what is clear is that just four weeks ago a killer had this buffet of guns at his disposal.

He posted on facebook that guns were his hobby.

And he also had a notebook at his bedside, where he wrote a note entitled "dear mom" and said the following.

"I think about killing all the time. The monster want out. I know what happens when he comes out. He only been out one time and someone die. The monster want to hurt people."
Oberender has been in the Carver County Jail since January 2nd.
He is charged with felony possession of a firearm as an adjudicated juvenile.
To get out he has to post 100-thousand dollars in cash.
He is set for a court hearing on March 27th.

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