Accent Signage shooting survivor takes part in roundtable discussion

7:56 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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BLAINE, Minn. - The lone survivor of the Accent Signage shooting was part of the President's roundtable discussion on gun violence.

John Souter was shot in his office by Andrew Engledinger, last September.

He spoke with Randy Shaver about the experience of meeting the president.

Randy: Can you tell me what resonated with you today when the president was speaking?

John: What amazed me about the president is what he knows. He knew everything about me. He talked to me as a human being. It gave me great courage just to listen when the president did the summation at the end of the meeting.

Randy: Here you are on a personal level, having dealt with this issue, what did that mean to you today?

John: Scary to start with. You know, to find my voice, fortunately, I did write some things down. I would sort of reference those, which was helpful ... What moved me the most was actually having the moral courage to stand up, speak out and say enough is enough.

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