St. Paul's Avalon Charter School kids hope for a chance meeting with Lady Gaga

6:41 PM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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St. Paul., Minn. - According to Arthurian legend, Avalon is in an island paradise in the western seas. In St. Paul, Avalon Charter School, in a way has become an island of educational paradise.

"You get to be who you want to be and you can just dress crazy and just be different," smiled Florin Gruen. Gruen is one of many at Avalon who arrived at the school after they were bullied at their old one.

For most of the nearly 7-12th graders who go to Avalon, they just didn't quite fit in at other schools, but here they not only fit, but more importantly are accepted.

"The students have a lot of autonomy and are really encouraged to pursue subjects and interests that they're really passionate about," explained Avalon's Becca Merton.

While Gruen aspires to be a fashion designer other interests include social media and Lady Gaga.

The two latter interests come together on the school's facebook page.

As part of a public service announcement that is #AvalonReadBrave, students give their testimonies about where they've been and share where they are now.

"I was my old school's freak," said Gruen in one of the videos.
Several other students share similar stories and they also shared that they can be who they were born to be at Avalon.

Additionally, Read Brave is a reading campaign to get young teens to read more.

The campaign has the support of Lady Gaga's nonprofit Born This Way Foundation and with all of the work the students have put in, they hope for a chance meeting with the music superstar.

40 kids received passes to get an inside look at one of the busses on Gaga's tour before the show at Xcel Energy Center.

As for if she graces them with her presence, a kid can hope.

"There's a chance she could make an appearance and that would be cool," said

"Maybe meet her, hopefully," said Gruen. "I hope I can meet her. I love her message and she's just so beautiful."

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