Patrick Henry senior uses her skills to create, compete.

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - After being complimented on the necklace she was wearing, Minneapolis Patrick Henry senior Maria Maddox proudly explained that she didn't buy the necklace, but rather, was inspired to make it herself.

"I actually saw this on the cover of a book I was reading", said Maria. "And I thought, that's a cool design, I'll just make it into a necklace."

Maria went on to explain that she also made the bow in her hair, saying that the need to create works of art satisfies two components. First, it allows her to express herself artistically, then of course, there's always the part about not having to buy things.

"If I ever want something I'm just like, I don't need to buy that because I can probably make it for cheaper", says Maria. "So, I just figure, why don't I make it?"

It's that "can do" attitude that has helped Maria excel in the classroom as well. #1 in a class of 220, Maria is going to graduate from Patrick Henry's rigorous International Baccalaureate program.

Says Maria, "People will tell you not to go for it because they will say that it's a lot of work and I'm not going to lie to you, it is a lot of work, but it prepares you so well and you just have so much more to gain then you have to lose."

A 4-year starter and 2-time co-captain, Maria also led her soccer team in scoring the past two years, despite playing defense. A 3-time all-city selection, Maria is also one of the top sprinters in the city, and, she readily admits that when she arrived at Patrick Henry she wasn't even dreaming about graduating at the top of her class.

"Going into high school I wasn't", says Maria. "But now I figure that I've worked this hard, for this long, I would really love to stay number one, but going in I just wanted to try my best and see what would happen."

Maria plans to take a similar approach to college. Still going through the application process, Maria hopes to major in some type of engineering.

Says Maria, "I really like math, and I still want to bring art into it so that's why I am looking at architecture, but I don't have a set plan yet.

Expect Maria to work that put in the days to come, and the compliments to follow soon after.

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