Police: Hotel altercation sparked Vegas shooting

12:45 AM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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LAS VEGAS - Visitors to the heart of the Las Vegas Strip have found police tape blocking a key intersection on Thursday, after early morning gunfire and a fiery car crash left three people dead and at least six injured.

Police believe there was an altercation at a casino -- after which someone in an SUV opened fire on a Maserati, sending it crashing into a taxi that burst into flames. The driver and passenger in the taxi were killed, along with the driver of the Maserati.

The SUV left the scene. Authorities in three neighboring states are being alerted to look for it.

One man visiting from England said, "This doesn't happen where we come from, not on this scale." He said it was "like something out of a movie." Another man said, "When you're out at 4 a.m., nothing good's going to happen."

The episode near Bellagio and Caesar's Palace marked the latest violence on the Strip since the beginning of the year. Two people were critically wounded in a shooting at a parking garage earlier this month, and a tourist was stabbed Saturday in an elevator at a hotel.

But a spokesman for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says they were "isolated events" and that Las Vegas is "among the safest travel destinations in the world."

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