The popularity of Duluth Mayor Don Ness

11:37 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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DULUTH, Minn. - There seems to be a more positive vibe coming from Duluth these days and most in the city, credit the man with a plan...the mayor.

Duluth is a very political town, a strong DFL town, and a proud labor town.

Yet when DFLer Don Ness was elected Mayor in 2007, the Duluth native ruffled many feathers in tackling tough and divisive issues that threatened to cripple the city's chance at growth and prosperity.

His slogan was "Own it and Solve it" and the young mayor lived up to the promise.

"I was elected to do this job to take ownership of the problems and I'm not going to take anytime pointing fingers, and I'm going to make some really unpopular decisions because that's the only way to solve these things," said Ness.

Among other things, Ness says he cut popular programs, laid off over 100 people and reduced the Retiree Health Care unfunded liability by 186 million dollars -- all to give his city a chance to grow.

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