Legal maneuvers continue 1 month before Schaffhausen trial

12:30 PM, Mar 2, 2013   |    comments
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HUDSON, Wis. - A host of issues remain unresolved just one month before a former western Wisconsin man goes on trial for the murders of his three daughters.

Aaron Schaffhausen again sat quietly in a St. Croix County courtroom as his defense attorney and prosecutors argued over more than two dozen motions, including what evidence is admissible during the trial and who will testify.

Prosecutors do expect to call in the neighborhood of 100 witnesses to testify in a trial that is expected to last three weeks or so. Schaffhausen's ex-wife Jessica will testify, and will not attend the trial until she is called.

Schaffhausen's attorney has not yet said whether the accused murderer will testify in his own defense.

The judge did rule Friday that television cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during the trial, but will be shut down for the testimony of some witnesses.

He is accused of killing his three daughters in their River Falls home last July and attempting to burn down the family home. Schaffhausen was estranged from his wife at the time of the murders, and prosecutors will assert that he killed the girls to get back at his ex.

Defense attorneys have entered an insanity plea, saying that Schaffhausen is not responsible for the deaths of his daughters due to a mental disease or defect.



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