Twin Cities cab driver offers advice on winter driving

10:18 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Snow keeps most drivers off the road, but cab drivers like Chey Eisenman say days like Monday and Tuesday make for a busy start to a week.

"When there's snow falling from the sky, cab drivers see dollar signs. It's extremely good for business," Eisenman says.

It might be good for business, but everyone knows what snow can do to a commute. But Eisenman says it doesn't mean that people have to be late.

"The reason why I know it's possible to be on time in a snow day is because in my business I have to be on time," she said.

So why does it seem like each snow fall we're stuck in parking lots on the freeway? Eisenman has one perspective. She said over the years she has learned the traffic rhythm and noticed on snow days more people seem to hit the road later.

"Instead of leaving at the same time or earlier they think well maybe I'll stay home a little bit longer and by the time I leave the house traffic will have died down and they know they can kind of be late," she said.

When each minute counts, Eisenman urges everyone to plan ahead. Her general rule is to allow herself double the travel time if weather conditions are even a little bad. If it's really bad and it is rush hour she gives herself triple the travel time.

She says if people miss their bus or their car stalls it's because they failed to plan. And if that happens, she says good luck catching a cab.

"You're lack of planning is not our emergency," she said.

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