Friends, strangers search for missing St. Paul woman

12:24 PM, Mar 10, 2013   |    comments
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ROSEMOUNT, Minn. - Friends and strangers walked in the woods today to search for the body of Kira Trevino, the missing St. Paul woman who is presumed dead.

Her husband, Jeff Trevino, sits in jail, charged with her murder.

Those who searched for Kira's body on Saturday were hoping to bring some closure to the tragedy.

Abbie Slotsky doesn't know Kira, but through the Facebook page named Justice for Kira Steger Trevino, she organized a search of Spring Lake Regional Park in Rosemount.

Slotsky briefed volunteers, just after noon on Saturday, about how police wanted them to conduct the search.  Police were not involved in this search, but did give some guidance on how to search.

Slotsky said, "Don't touch anything you see.  Call law enforcement right away."

Jodie Leko also helped organize the search.  She too didn't know Kira.  She said, "We both just have a passion to find her."

Leko continued, "If it were a sibling of mine or a family member or friend of mine, I wouldn't be able to go out and look for her."

There was no specific lead that led the group to this park.

It's simply a secluded area within the 100 mile radius of where police think Kira's husband, Jeff Trevino, could have left her body.

Friends of the Trevino's, Diana Fernandez and Matt Evans, helped in the search.

Fernandez, who lived in the same apartment building as Jeff Trevino for three years said, "I would never expect it.  When I saw them together all I saw was happiness."

Fernandez and Evans were actually introduced by the Trevino's and are now engaged.  So they want to find Kira, who they describe as bubbly, friendly, happy and an angel.

Evans said, "It's unreal.  We've done a lot of praying between our church our family and friends and I'm thankful that all these people showed up. I'm hopeful we can find something today."

Evans said the park was a good place to search because it's along the Mississippi river and Jeff likes to fish.

In all 18 people walked the trails, searching, but found nothing.  But they're not giving up. They will search another spot along the Mississippi at 950 Lilydale Road in Lilydale on Sunday.

Slotsky said police have searched that spot once, but it wasn't extensive since it's a big area.  So another search of the area could help. 

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