2013 March resembles Minn. weather norm

2:15 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Warm weather was a staple in forecasting during March of 2012, but this year a more traditional month is proving that snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures are not gone yet.

"We've got a great range of outcomes for the later winter and early spring in Minnesota," says Minnesota's State Climatologist, Greg Spoden.

A gray Monday with snow banks lining the streets and temperatures below freezing feels nothing like last year on this day. Then, there was no snow to be found and record high temperatures reached 66 degrees.

"We're spot on average for temperature and snowfall. This is a Minnesota winter," adds Spoden.

Melting during the daylight hours is leading to refreezing overnight and ultimately, some very slippery sidewalks.

So when can we put the sidewalk salt away for the season?

"Historically the snow sticks around, certainly through the end of March and sometimes into early April," Spoden said. "And the average minimum temperature doesn't creep above freezing until the first week of April."

So, as we still deal with the last bit of winter here in Minneapolis, ice is no different than snow. It's up to the property owner to remove it, down to the bare pavement.

The city does offer free sand for residents to help with the slippery spots a bit.

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