Papal installment mass will mix tradition with humility

8:22 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- The installment of a new pope is cause for great celebration and that will be the case Tuesday morning in Rome.

While the mass will be full of much tradition, it will also reflect the humble nature of this new pope.

"He is choosing a deliberately simple service," says Dr. Charles Reid with the University of St. Thomas.

Reid says during the service Pope Francis will receive the pallium of office, the cloth that hangs from his shoulders, symbolizing his new role. He'll also be presented with his papal ring.

"It's not the usual gold ring. It's a silver ring that is gold-plated. It's a symbol. It's a token if you will, of the humility of this pontiff," says Reid.

And as is tradition, the cardinals will pledge their allegiance to Francis.

"In past installation masses you would have all the cardinals pledge obedience to the pope. We'll have six (on Tuesday) who will be symbolic of the entire college of cardinals, again, a more streamlined service," according to Dr. Reid.

Perhaps what speaks even greater volumes about this man is who will be in attendance. Delegations from the United States and some 100 other countries will be on hand to mark the occasion, as well as representatives from dozens of religions.

"The patriarch of Constantinople, the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, will be in attendance for the first time in over a thousand years," says Reid.

It's an historic day for the Catholic faithful and perhaps a sign of changes to come.

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