Money for starving children stolen

8:46 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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LAKEVILLE, Minn. - Students are asking for the public's help after someone allegedly stole money they raised for starving children.

Maddy Siriouthay and Kami Wood helped organized a Thursday night fundraiser for the organization, Feed My Starving Children.

Dozens showed up at the Lakeville Area Arts Center. They bid on art, participated in a silent auction and enjoyed performances of local musicians, including Siriouthay who is a senior at North High School and Wood who is a junior at South High School.

"I think our most expensive piece was $100 and that was the first piece that sold," said Siriouthay.

Everything seemed to be going well until intermission. That's when they say another organizer couldn't find the money they all worked so hard to raise. It was stashed underneath a staircase in a box, which is why they believe someone must have been watching them.

"How could someone do that," asked Wood. "It doesn't process in my mind that someone would think that's okay because in my mind you're not stealing from us, you're stealing from starving kids."

They called police, but without witnesses or surveillance video investigators don't have much to go on. It's why they're asking for the public's help.

And so are these high school students who are trying to get the money back.

"Both of has have been asking people for simple donations," said Wood.

"The amount of support is almost overwhelming," added Siriouthay. "Just today alone a girl gave me an envelope filled with $300."

They know full well whoever did this may have stolen their money, but their motivation on the other hand, that's locked safe away.

"I mean, if that was their goal, they didn't get that," said Wood.

"We are so motivated to get it all back and then some," said Siriouthay.

The students' goal is to raise $33,000 for starving children by May. So far they've raised about $9,000.

For more information on their efforts, you can email

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