Investigators recover items of interest in Trevino search

7:50 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
Courtesy: St. Paul Pioneer Press - Sherri Larose-Chiglo
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MAPLEWOOD, Minn. -- St. Paul police say they have collected some items of interest discovered by volunteers during their search for Kira Trevino over the weekend.

Investigators say it is too early to tell if the items are related to the case.

Search volunteer Ashley Davidson of Woodbury told the Pioneer Press that she was using a shovel and moving snow when she came across the item on Sunday.

"I was sticking my shovel in the snow and came across something metal," said Davidson.

More than 100 people searched for the body of Kira Trevino over the weekend.

The missing Saint Paul woman who was last seen alive four weeks ago and is presumed dead.

Kira's husband Jeffery D. Trevino has been charged with her murder. 

Lake Keller Regional Park in Maplewood has been the primary search area since a bloodied pillowcase and bra were found there last weekend.  The park is also less than two miles away from the Trevino home.

Most search volunteers didn't know Trevino.

Joanne Gruber said, "We just wanted to come out and help.  We don't know the family at all."

Joan Stumpf said, "I'm out here because I just want to help the family."

But there is new hope in this third week of volunteer-led searches.

Search coordinator Jodie Leko said, "Were looking for evidence we're looking for some kind of weapon were looking for any kind of evidence."

Divers also searched Keller Lake last Tuesday after a woman told police she saw two men in the overnight hours of February 22nd carrying something the size of a body out onto the ice.

Cadaver dogs also detected the scent of a body but divers ultimately found nothing.

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